Continued human rights violation in Shan State Continued human rights violation in Shan State “Villagers from Kehsi township, 吳哥窟 Southern Shan State, were forced to porter and one had been kille 酒店打工d by the Burma Army during portering, according to sources who fled to the border. 房地產” By Hseng Khio Fah 13 August 2008 On 26 July, two villagers Sai Htun, 27, and Hsang Sai, 38, 襯衫 from Mong Nawng village, Mong Nawng village tract, were forced to porter for 10 days by a group of 20 Burmese soldi 烤肉ers from Infantry Battalion (IB) 287 based in Mong Nang in order to search and destroy rebel groups On 4 August, when one of repor 室內設計ter Hsang Sai was not able to continue the journey because of his long-standing hernia, the soldiers kicked at his testes until he died on the spot. 結婚西裝 “He was kicked for three times,” said a source. As soon as Hsang Sai died, the soldiers returned to their post and went to tell the family that their 售屋網son died on the way due to his illness. As for the compensation of his death, the soldiers paid a bag of rice to the family and also warned not to leak any information to the outsid 系統傢俱e world, said the source. “The families just got 20 Pay (67 liters) from the bag,” said the villager. 長灘島  .


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